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Do people keep telling you that you should write a book?

Have you always wanted to write a book?

Do you have some pages written, but keep them tucked away, because you’re not sure what to do next? Or, have you written a manuscript and need help creating a business around it? 

While writing a book is a major accomplishment, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Or tedious. Or painful.

Let us help you achieve your goals of publishing through a positive, enjoyable experience.



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The Author’s Greenhouse is a literary consultancy.

Through our writing, project management, and book coaching services, we grow writers into authors like others grow seeds into plants.

We help our clients write and publish their books with the right combination of sunlight, water, fertilizer, and weed-pulling – otherwise known as planning, idea discussion, accountability and encouragement, and – of course – edits. We help bring your project to fruition as well as help you develop as a writer and author business owner.

Tell us more about it! What are you thinking about writing and why? What kind of writer do you envision yourself to be, and what type of author business do you see yourself running? We’ll plan a conversation based on your needs. Let’s get started!

Let’s talk about your project! Your writing goals are within reach.

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