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What kind of clients do you take?

We work with writers of fiction and nonfiction. Our expertise is in nonfiction (biography/memoir, health & wellness, agriculture & food, personal development) and fiction (mystery/thriller, children’s books).

While we consider all projects, there are some genres in which we do not have expertise. Therefore, we may refer you to a partner whose expertise may more completely assist you in your publishing needs.

Do I need to have a completed manuscript draft before I contact you?

No! Prospective clients approach us with manuscripts at various stages of development: Some have written and honed working manuscripts, while some just have ideas to formulate into manuscripts. Most are somewhere in between. If you are serious about writing your book, we want to talk with you.

How long does it usually take to finish a manuscript?

One client finished her manuscript in 90 days, because she had been working on its content for nearly six years before finding us. And, there are those who need to postpone completion when life happens. Generally, depending on how much you have written that is usable in your final work, it takes between 6 months and 2 years.

Do you work with all kinds of publishers?

Yes, we work with all kinds of publishers. Your publishing partner will be chosen by/decided on considering many factors, the biggest of which is your audience. You may need to be working with academic press, business press, traditional press, trade press, hybrid press, or independent press depending on your final book goals.

How much will this cost me?

Our consulting packages start at $1,500 for guidance on writing. Refer to our services page for more descriptions on the types of consulting and project management that we offer.

Will I own my work and my copyright?

Yes, until you choose to sell it to a publisher.

I don’t think I need an editor. Do I?

All manuscripts need a professional review according to the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) rules for professional publications, by a professional with tax records stating he or she is a professional editor. We can help you source them, or help you verify that they are professional.

I don’t think I need a designer. Do I?

Regardless of your print partner/publisher, you will be working with a graphic designer to create a cover and interior page layouts for your final printed and electronic books. This is one of the most fun parts of the book process, and most important – book covers showcase the contents and sell books! You’ll want an experienced book designer to help you convey your message and attract your key book buyer.

I know someone who is a (designer, proofreader, etc.). Do I have to use your resources?

If you are establishing a print relationship with a hybrid or independent publishers, you will need outside resources like editors and designers to produce the book. We connect our clients in those areas with seasoned professionals who know how to work with these publishers to ensure high-quality output. We offer introductions to professionals in their fields to help make your book the best it can be. However, you are never obligated to use them.

Am I required to start a business solely for my book?

No, you’re not required, but it’s a good practice if you will be actively selling it. You may also offer it as one of your many other products and service offerings under another business. If you are not selling the book (such as giving copies to friends and family only), you do not need to start a business to record sales, expenses, taxes, etc.

Is it up to me to market my book?

Depending on the marketing options offered by your print partner/publisher, you will be involved in marketing. As the writer, you’re the most familiar with the content and are its best advocate, so you should plan on devoting some time and resources to marketing it.

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