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One Man’s Quest to Keep You Safe: Dale Seiberling and Clean-In-Place Innovation

Dale Seiberling and Bonnie Daneker

Memoir, Business, Agriculture, Food Safety, Science

Project Management, Consulting, and Co-Writing

18 months from 1st Meeting to Published Book

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Though you may not know it, Clean-In-Place (CIP) technology touches nearly everything we eat, drink, and take as medicines. Dale Seiberling was a great proponent of this processing technology, and his career was dedicated to ensuring our food and drink – and later pharmaceuticals – was clean and safe from food-poisoning pathogens. Most of us have heard of botulism, salmonella, ptomaine, trichinosis, e coli, and other pathogens which spoil food and can be deadly to humans. Once prevalent, these food poisonings are now rare occurrences in the billions of tons of food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals produced around the world, in large part because of the cleaning and sanitizing methods now in place by Dale Seiberling.

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