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Project: Millennials Taking The Lead: The Leadership Style That’s Changing The Workplace by Carolyn White Fore, Ph.D.

Genre: Business/Leadership

Services: Project Management, Consulting

Summary: For the first time, workplaces across the nation are contending with four distinct generations, each with their own needs, preferences, and contributions when it comes to leadership. This presents a great opportunity for the most diverse workforce to date, but it also invites friction and misunderstandings. Whereas the other generations — Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, and Generation X– have made their respective mark on the world, millennials struggle to be heard. Conversely, leaders today wrestle with how to best incorporate the newest members of the workforce. Without a common understanding, they are unable to capitalize on the opportunity to excel and fully demonstrate the skills that each generation has to offer. In Millennials Taking The Lead, Caroline shares what she has learned and outlines how to developmillennial leaders’ unique skill set; integrate their skillset into the workplace; become a leader millennials will want to follow; and prepare millennial leaders for future of their organizations. With authority and consideration, millennials taking the lead is a must dash read for any leader looking to equip their workforce for the next generation.


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August 18, 2020

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