The Process

Our Process

While each client’s project is unique and customized, The Author’s Greenhouse standardizes its approach to developing a well-organized, cohesive manuscript.

Author and Project Manager meet


So you want to sow literary seeds? If you have found our company, you’ve likely been thinking about writing a book for some time, but may not have had a resource to help you make it happen. Let’s meet online and discuss your project. Our 30-minute review sessions are complimentary.

Discuss goals

Discuss Goals

What kind of harvest do you want? Every writer has a reason to write a book. We want to hear what your goals are for each book project, including why you are writing the book and what results you are hoping to achieve. This will help us determine if we are the best resource for you, and if so, how to approach the project to best achieve those goals.


Discuss Timeline

What is the season for this? Projects that are most successful are tied to a deadline that continues to motivate the writer. Examples of these timelines would be conferences and other special events, presentations, important anniversaries or birthdays, family requests or partnership opportunities.

Review project

Review Materials

What type of soil are you working with? Some client prospects come to us with a manuscript that is a full working draft. Some come to us with ideas only, but most come to us some place in between. We ask for a description of the content you have and a sample of writing, 750 words or three pages, which we will review and discuss with you.
Support Process

Determine Support

What resources will help you tend a fruitful garden? A book project, similarly, involves many resources and time. We will talk with you about the resources you may already have, and help you to determine what other resources you need to create the manuscript to achieve your goals.

Budget Process

Create Budget

How much can you nurture this project with time, energy and money? Important projects deserve important attention, and each book has the potential to positively impact its genre and its audience members. What will you invest in this project?
Prepare plan

Prepare Plan

How does this harvest fit with other crops? Our clients have important personal and professional commitments. You will need to understand how this project fits in with your other responsibilities, and likewise, our company needs to understand how do you best work. We will put together a plan that helps you accomplish your writing goals within your timelines.

Bonnie encouraged me to overcome the inertia of five years of work on Prego’s narrative with her professional book writing experience in organizing and structuring the book in a much more readable form.

Dr. Bill Hilderbolt, CEO, Nature’s Select

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