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We grow writers into authors.

Whether you’re aiming to share your accomplishments, honor an important person, history or business, increase your credibility for academic pursuits, or publish solely for the love of writing, we are here to help!

The Author’s Greenhouse aims to create confident, informed, and prepared writers. “We Grow Writers into Authors” by:

  • Plotting out the finished project’s goals and objectives
  • Cultivating their content to be appropriate for their audiences
  • Developing their author persona and instructing them on the business of writing.

Book Purpose & Planning

We guide our clients in defining achievable publishing goals and outlining tactics to meet those goals, starting with their reasons for writing and their intended results.


We advise our clients on the writing and publishing processes to enable their successful decision making about their manuscripts’ directions and their print partnerships. We instruct them on writing responsibilities and managing their writing business.



Using our clients’ base material, we research, structure, and compose book manuscripts they will be proud to share.

Project Management

Following project management methodology, we create step-by-step Project Plans for our clients, and meet weekly to finish their books well and within their timelines.

Manuscript Review

Clients hire us to review their manuscripts. Our evaluations reflect our years in the publishing industry and are given to encourage the likelihood of a positive contribution to your genre.


As professional writers and project managers, we enhance our clients’ writing abilities and shorten their writing time investment by composing manuscripts with them for books they love.

This is your opportunity to work with experienced literary consultants who help you produce a quality manuscript and leave a legacy for the next generation.

Sometimes I write About Writing


"Bonnie encouraged me to overcome the inertia of five years of work on Prego’s narrative with her professional book writing experience in organizing and structuring the book in a much more readable form."

Dr. Bill Hilderbolt, CEO, Nature’s Select

"Forty-Five is the New Twenty-Five: Live Like Your Best Years Are Ahead” tells the story of a 45-year-old "every man" who dreams of being a published author among his other life goals. Through her careful planning and encouraging direction, Bonnie helped me make that dream a reality.

Steven Sharp, MS Ed., Our Learning Revolution

"A lot of people have said they could write a book about my life but I never had time. Bonnie and her company of folks finally pinned me down, got the right writer to interview me, and made a beautiful book out of a heap of memories and junk in a box.”

Bobbie Bailey, Georgia Philanthropist of the Year 2015, Our-Way, Inc.

"Bonnie is a visionary who brings together marketing, program orchestration and practical experience that enables even the most challenging project to come to life."

Catherine Baird, PhD, MSP IT Partners

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